Category: Publication

Oct 02
New Publication: Far Beyond by Adam Geary

Far Beyond “The beauty of the day was only a memory.” In times of crisis and fear, the boundaries between the real and imagined; what we see, what we know and what we sense are often…

Mar 10
Slow Gaze by Adam Geary

New photobook by Adam Geary; Adam Geary | Slow Gaze The Slow Gaze photobook takes a look beneath the cracks of our increasingly fractured lives. Lives in which the ‘home’; itself a…

May 08
Adam Geary: Pure Nature

Adam Geary's new photobook Pure Nature offers us a glimpse of the city seen through the eyes of a traveller searching for inspiration and discovery but instead finding division and barriers.

Oct 30
Adam Geary: About Time

About Time is the latest photobook by photographer Adam Geary. About Time asks us to step back and reflect on our lives and simply look and connect with the everyday stuff that surrounds us.