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Sep 30
Café Royal Books | John Claridge — The Gorbals

“The Gorbals pictures were shot in 1965 over a two-day period for a charity to bring awareness of the dire circumstances people were living in. The majority of these pictures have never…

Sep 16
Café Royal Books | Virginia Turbett — Glasgow 1978–1979

A new title by Virginia Turbett available now on Cafe Royal Books. Virginia is very grateful to Norry Wilson and Liam Turbett for assistance in naming the sites of these photos taken…

Sep 07
This Separated Isle – Invisible Britain

This Separated Isle Invisible Britain Edited by Paul Sng Even as COVID-19 made a seismic impact across the world, the cracks exposed by Brexit, Black Lives Matter and rising levels of…

Aug 29
Pandemicon 2020-2021 – John Perivolaris

This book chronicles my passage through Glasgow, London, Genoa, Milan, and Athens during the ebb and flow of the 2020 – 2021 Coronavirus pandemic. The wearing of protective masks…

Jul 28
Pre-Order: Kirsty MacKay ‘The Fish That Never Swam’

The causes of Glasgow’s excess mortality lie in government policy – not with the individual and their lifestyle choices. During the 1970s and 80’s Glasgow was in a ‘managed decline’.…

Jun 27
Studies in Photography Spring 2021

Our latest edition of Studies in Photography is now available. Featuring Craig Easton’s Fisherwomen series as our cover article. Craig won ‘Photographer of the Year’ in the 2021 Sony…

May 16
Art North Magazine | No.9

The main focus of Art North magazine is on the visual arts being made or shown in Scotland today, as well as the work of artists located elsewhere who demonstrate a clear connection with…

May 06
Passage – Margaret Mitchell

PASSAGE brings together two connected bodies of work – Family and In This Place – spanning more than 20 years in the lives of Margaret Mitchell’s extended family. Three generations lay…

May 06
Drift Book – Adam Geary

Surrounded by everyday mysteries/Drifting each day in the light/ For as long as the sun lasts – This book of days takes us to the edge of loss or perhaps the cusp of epiphany. Geary’s…

Apr 21
Café Royal Books | Jos Treen Glasgow 1978

A new title by Jos Treen is available now. Glasgow 1978 ‘I was that kid in the early 1960’s who always took charge of the family camera. What seemed like a revolutionary move at…