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May 02
Watch Back: Sixbysix – Desert Island Pics with Craig Easton

Craig Easton in conversation with Stephen McCoy. Craig will be discussing his Desert Island Pics, sharing five images from other photographers that he has found inspirational and…

Apr 01
Watch Back: The Kube Gallery | Sandy Carson Artist Talk

Sandy Carson discusses Passing Place. Featuring Stephen McLaren Passing Place is an intimate portrait of both Sandy Carson’s mother and the ex-mining village he grew up in the West of…

Mar 08
National Galleries Scotland | International Women’s Day with Arpita Shah

From article by National Galleries Scotland 26/02/2021 The term Purdah (“to curtain”) varies in meaning amongst particular South Asian and Arab cultures. It can refer…

Feb 26
Watch Back: The Sixbysix Social with Sophie Gerrard

Sophie Gerrard presents her ongoing work ‘The Flows’.This project examines the relationship we have with Europe’s largest blanket peat bog, located in Caithness in the far…

Oct 22
Street Level Photoworks Online

Street Level Online Online Events, Education & Archive     ‘The Yeast in the Bread, Not the Icing on the Cake’ We create opportunities for members of the public to…

Jul 23
Watch Back: Six By Six Virtual Social

Since the beginning of April Sixbysix have provided online artist talks via Zoom, the first episode was Desert Island Pics with Adam Lee. The team have uploaded all of the artist talks…

May 21
Stills School Online: Colour, Shape, Texture

Stills School is an alternative photography school for 16-25 year olds who face barriers to participating in the arts. Week one is on the Stills School Vimeo channel right now.…

Apr 16
Oscar Marzaroli: Shades of Oscar

Produced to coincide with Street Level Photowork’s Oscar Marzaroli retrospective this short AV work features poignant narration by Marie-Clare Marzaroli sharing recollections of her…

Apr 16
In Focus #1: Frank McElhinney Livestream Q+A

An edited recording of a livestream artist talk with Frank McElhinney, followed by a Q+A with Street Level director Malcolm Dickson. Only for Freedom is a project combining a…

Apr 14
Dr. Sara Stevenson Q&A Thomas Annan: Photographer of Glasgow

Thomas Annan was the preeminent photographer of Glasgow in the mid-nineteenth century, a period when the rise in industry and population dramatically altered the landscape of the “second…