‘Without Apparatus’ is a project developed in collaboration between artist Jolanta Dolewska and Prof. Johnny Rodger, on the themes of sheriff courts, law, and power relationships in these structures. It is realised in sheriff courts in different locations across Scotland and it originated from an enforced journey Dolewska had to take through the Scottish legal system and led her to think about boundaries, limits, and the law; and how individuals are treated depending on their status, gender, nationality and other descriptors determine their experiences of legal system.

Johnny Rodger was part of a project ‘Spaces of Justice’ which examined how courthouses across Scotland are adapting in their design and use to current day realities in the distribution of justice.

‘Without Apparatus’ investigates themes of law, power and the individuals within the Scottish legal system and the Sheriff Courts. Responding to the great changes that are taking place in the Scottish legal estate, with the closure of many rural and remote courts and a rationalisation towards bigger Justice Centres in main towns and cities. This has clear consequences in terms of democracy and access to justice, within Scottish civil society. The project will examine this situation and seeks to initiate a conversation about these changes through artistic engagement to a broad audience.

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Glitch, 2020, Jolanta Dolewska

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