The inaugural SYNTHESIS exhibition, curated by Scott Hunter and Sam Chapman, showcases the creative outcomes of an international cultural exchange programme alongside the independent work of the four participating artists; Scottish-based Danielle Macleod and Oana Stanciu, and Gak Yamada and Yuichiro Higashiji from Japan.

Beyond the Human delves into the fascinating intersection of ritual, spirituality, repetition, and metamorphosis, expressed through innovative forms of photography. We invite viewers to explore the transformative power of these elements, unlocking the potential to transcend the ordinary and access altered states of consciousness. Through their practice, these artists beautifully capture the essence of spiritual journeys, meditation, mantras, and sacred rituals from both Scottish and Japanese cultures.

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© Gak Yamada

Opening Event

27th July, 6-9pm

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    Meadows and Corner Galleries

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    1 Summerhall Place, Newington, Edinburgh, UK

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