READERS is back // And we're welcoming Kat Gollock into the team to lead our first two sessions of 2023.

We will discuss the articles listed below, just some of the responses that emerged in the aftermath of the release of the Disney + show Pam and Tommy. There is a mixture of positive, negative, and more balanced opinions across the articles, but all bring into the play main talking points of feminism, image abuse and consent. You don’t need to have seen the show in advance of this session (although you may wish to) but reading the following reviews will help you join the discussion.

The release of Pam and Tommy raises questions surrounding our ‘ownership’ over celebrities and the blurred boundaries between their public and private life. How much does our role as consumers of celebrity culture play a part in the blurring of those boundaries? These questions and more will be discussed in relation to the articles listed above, as a starting point for a wider discussion image rights and ownership.

About READERS //

Every two months we will discuss a different text or other prompt, and share visual works and artistic references the text reminded us of. READERS aims to provide a space for discussion for both practitioners and those with an interest in photography and visual culture, regardless of academic background.

The group will bring in texts from a variety of sources, from academia to mainstream media criticism, DIY publications and newer digital content, using a blended digital and in-person model - one in-person at Agitate (20 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh) and one online. Please select the event you feel the most comfortable with.

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READERS was created by Mayanne Soret. READERS 2.0 is facilitate by Mayanne, Kat Gollock and Christina Webber. Banner image: Pam & TommyBanner image: Pam & Tommy

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