Our Portraits of an LGBTI+ Generation exhibition, in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland, shares a series of portraits of Scottish LGBTI+ Elders. The portraits showcase the diverse and remarkable lives of Scottish LGBTI+ elders through multimedia format, combining photography and interviews.

The exhibition is a result of the LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Clubs, which were presented nationwide from May 2019 to June 2021. During this period, the Social Dance Clubs, part of The Coming Back out Ball, provided a welcoming space for the rainbow community to gather, share stories and build connections.

Tiu Makkonen was the photographer in residence with The Coming Back Out Ball project. They along with filmmakers Graeme Roger and Ania Urbanowska created, in collaboration with members of the dance club, a multimedia exhibition Portraits
of an LGBTI+ Generation.

Social Dance Club members were invited to have their photo taken and be interviewed in a place that meant something to them, and their experience as an LGBTI+ person. This series of portraits of Scottish LGBTI + Elders gives us a sense of the varied, rich, and remarkable lives of the many LGBTI+ elders living across Scotland.

A National Theatre of Scotland and All the Queens Men co-production, in partnership with Eden Court Theatre and Luminate and in association with Glasgow City Council

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