Created around the work of four very different photographers from very different backgrounds, styles and approaches, this major Photography program celebrates the art form in context of ‘Place & Time’. It will include the recently discovered work of an unknown amateur ‘The Stirling Mystery Photographer’ who captured Stirling’s environs as it underwent huge change in the late 1960s, producing beautiful 35mm colour snaps that have remained unseen until now. David Mitchell, who discovered the ‘Mystery Photographer’ a.k.a. ‘Analogue Photography’ is a member of the Made in Stirling Collective. He has selected works for the exhibition from over a decade of travels in Scotland and overseas that capture his passion for place as well as retro cameras and the art and social history aspect of photography.

As well as beautiful work for sale from the exhibition spaces, Made In Stirling has devised public courses happening across March and April for professionals and beginners, the interested and the photography curious to find out more about this fascinating art form, science and the alchemy of capturing ‘Place & Time’.

Opening Event

23rd of March, 5.30 - 8.00pm

  • Venue

    Made in Stirling Store

  • Address

    44 King Street, Stirling, UK

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