'Over/exposed' is a co-creative video, photography and sound installation exploring the experience of microaggressions against queer people. The project showcases work from ACE V!S!ON, Bee Asha Singh, Bryant Keith Bayhan, Flava J, Lu Castello, Octa Delgado and Regina Mosch.

The exhibition articulates the complexities of queer experiences and seeks liberation in its own disorientation and discomfort. Often perceived as subtle, fleeting or intangible, microaggressions might escape conscious thought but can cause ruptures and complicated tensions in queer bodies.

Initiated as artistic research into the intersection of traumatic memory and co-creation, the exhibition stretches our understanding of queerness, documentary film and liberation, while holding space for vulnerable bodies in need of soothing. This exhibition invites you to their collaborative, non-hierarchical documentary space. Presenting an opportunity for a transformative encounter to open up conversations about queer bodies and queer identities.

Opening Event

Thursday 15th June | 7-11pm

  • Venue

    The Pipe Factory

  • Address

    Bain Street, Glasgow G40 2LA, UK

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