“I started making self portraits as a way of exploring the roles expected of women, regardless of how they’ve been treated, after becoming a single mum in 2016. I made the first of the ‘red room’ series then, only picking it up again in 2019 as a way of discussing my experience of living with Poland Syndrome, which I’d recently been given a diagnosis of. Since then, self portraiture has become a language of processing past abuse and medical trauma but also a way to play and connect with others, to regain and explore my autonomy, grief, love, desire…”

“I have found creating different characters, using digital photography, along with 35mm, medium format, along with short form writing and poetry is a world I can get lost and found in.”

Join us for the opening reception of NOW LOVE on Friday 23 Feb from 6-9PM.

Solen Collet is also a commercial photographer, working mainly in events and portraiture by day.

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23 February, from 6-9PM

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    6 William Street, Edinburgh, UK

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