Marks of Control is a collaborative photography Exhibition detailing the marks and bruises the artist Heather S Roberts has gained through participating in combat sport. Together Nikoline Sonasson and Heather have explored the reasoning and motivation for participating in these violent past times and recorded the fascinating passing marks left on the body.

The exhibition is comprised of 30 photographic images shot over the course of a year by both artists, beginning in April 2022. Each are close up images of marks and bruise on the body the project was initially inspired by Sonasson’s photographic book ‘Memories On My Body’.

Both artist are currently in their final year studying a BA in Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. Heather S Roberts was born in 1988 in Glasgow where she currently live and works. Nikoline Sonasson was born 1997 in Copenhagen she currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Due to the nature of the work the artist have decided to donate 20% of the proceeds of any sales to the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.

Opening Event

24th May, 6-9pm

  • Venue

    Cass Arts

  • Address

    63-37 Queen Street, Glasgow, UK

  • Phone Number

    0141 248 5899

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