In the 21st century, the concept of love is continuously evolving and redefining itself. Previously, love was contained within the nuclear family structure. Marriage: a contractual agreement, a relationship form used to control and restrict women, enforced by fixed roles defined by gender and class.

However, as today’s generation becomes ever more aware of the flaws and biases inherent in this notion of love, we begin to question tradition and seek a more egalitarian understanding. Under capitalism, individuals are regarded as autonomous and independent economic entities, therefore relationships of love become transactional exchanges of interests and cooperation. As Erich Fromm pointed out, love between individuals follows the same principles as controlling the market of commodities and labour, emphasizing competition, exploitation, and inequality.

In this exhibition, seven young artists with their acute perspectives and the austere language of imagery, re-examine the definition of love and explore what lies beyond the framework of patriarchy and outdated heteronormativity. In the torrent of time, love resembles a colossal maze, harbouring undisclosed power structures. However, these power dynamics are gradually disintegrating under the onslaught of the genuine pursuit of love, in all its diversity and vulnerability.

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