Lagoon 2 is Alasdair Dimmick’s second major solo exhibition of his double exposure photography. His work subscribes to the surrealist genre, creating dreamlike - and in some cases, nightmarish - scene-scapes. Alasdair experiments with different methods for allowing two images to naturally (or unnaturally) coexist. This could be through using different angles, perspectives, white space, mirrors and windows. A lot of his work is quite instinctive and natural. He is always striving for visual impact and while some of this may come with a preconceived concept or narrative, they are always open to interpretation.

Alasdair Dimmick (b.1993) is a Scottish artist working in the medium of photographic double exposures. His work blurs the lines between surrealist art and photography. He creates his art by shooting on analogue 35mm black and white film and then digitally layering two photographs together in Photoshop. He enjoys the technique of combining old and new technologies as it allows greater creative freedom and flexibility. The grainy quality that comes with an analogue camera and high speed black and white film is enhanced by the ability to select and blend particular images using Photoshop.

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© Alasdair Dimmick

Opening Event

Friday 5th May 6–9PM

  • Venue

    Salt Space Gallery

  • Address

    Floor 2, Axiom Building, 54 Washington St, Glasgow G3 8AZ

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