"Hame & Our Hame"

are two linked projects looking at what hame (home, for those unfamiliar with Ayrshire accents) means. Hame is, ideally, a place of safety, warmth and shelter, but it’s not just our roof and walls. For many of us, our hame is our place of belonging; it’s a playground where we’re free to let our inner selves be.

But it’s also more than that; hame is also our friends and neighbours.

I’ve gone in search of my neighbours, to find what makes hame for them, but also to discover more about what their presence means to my sense of hame. This is captured in a succession of images and words, to be exhibited March 5th to 21st at West Kilbride’s Barony Centre.

Alongside the exhibition, I will run workshops to encourage the young people of our village to explore what makes their hame, both within and outside their own walls; the resulting responses will be exhibited in every shop on our Main Street, turning it into an open air gallery.

  • Venue

    Barony Centre

  • Address

    50 Main St, West Kilbride KA23 9AR, UK