‘Forty-one point five’ is a celebratory exhibition of work showcasing contributors to both Studies in Photography’s 40 years and AGITATE’s first year and a half, in recognition of the launch of new photography venue 6 William Street. This dynamic selection of works will bring together the two institutions and their communities, laying the groundwork for a venue that promises to become a melting pot for new and old perspectives. Photographic pioneers Hill and Adamson (who operated the first photographic studio in Scotland, and whose partnership began in 1843) will be displayed alongside leading contemporary artists such as Wendy McMurdo, Sekai Machache, Frances Scott, Izzy Leach, and Pradip Malde. Whilst a relatively new endeavor, AGITATE’s first 1.5 years saw 13 exhibitions and a variety of exhibitors have contributed work to this exciting exhibition.

Opening Event

28th October, 6-9PM

  • Venue

    6 William Street

  • Address

    6 William Street, Edinburgh EH3 7NH, UK