Douglas McBride is a Scottish visual artist who has also lived and exhibited in France. This is the first Scottish showing of his short films, poetry and photographs together in one place. His work was recently featured at the Alchemy Film Festival. He is a member of the Moving Image Makers Collective and a long-standing member of the Scottish Photographers Group.

‘Many find the need to explore atmosphere in nature? How can we uncover this? For me exploring the myths associated with place is a wondrous joy.
‘Imagine they knew already, leaving gifts that others might find.’ These are the words of the Fife poet, John Burnside. However, my imaginings are best expressed with a camera.

‘This photographer is a hunter, a seeker after signs…’
Joe Mulholland
The Hidden Lane Galley, Glasgow

11am – 4pm Monday to Saturday
Free admission

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Image ©️ Douglas McBride

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    Unit Four: The Cornucopia Room

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    Tower Dykeside, Hawick TD9 9EA, UK

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