UK Premiere

Thomas Hoepker started taking pictures when he was just 14. He became one of the great photographers at the Magnum Agency. His images captured the power and grace of Muhammad Ali at his peak, and informed our sense of America including the 9/11 attacks. Now in his 80s, he has an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. His wife Christine decides to take them both on a last big trip from New York to San Francisco. Nahuel Lopez’s uplifting documentary follows this touching journey interspersing it with some of the amazing photographs Hoepker has taken over the past 70 years.

Director / Nahuel Lopez
Country / Germany, Switzerland
Year of Production / 2022
Running Time / 1h35m

  • Venue

    Glasgow Film Theatre

  • Address

    Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RB, UK

  • Phone Number

    0141 332 6535

  • Price

    £7.90 - £10.90

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