Dark Room is the first book of Phyllis Christopher’s explosive and tender photographs, fusing lesbian sex and queer protest against the backdrop of a city in flux. On moving to San Francisco in the late 1980s, Christopher began to collaborate with her subjects to make images in which documentary and performance converge. Dark Room brings together fifteen years of Christopher’s work, negotiating street, club, and studio, with camera in hand, to compose a portrait of a community simultaneously defining radical articulations of queer lesbian sexuality and defending its bodily autonomy in the face of right-wing politics, the AIDS crisis and urban gentrification.

Reproducing photographs of startling intensity and sensuality alongside new writing by Susie Bright, Laura Guy, Michelle Tea and an interview with Shar Rednour, Dark Room is a heartfelt record of Christopher’s devotion to an analogue tradition, to the pleasures of photographs and the community that made them.

Join Phyllis Christopher and Laura Guy as they discuss the book, with some time for Q&A towards the end of the night.

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