CODE RED is a print installation by one of Britain’s foremost political artists, Peter Kennard, and is presented at the Worm to coincide with Workshops Week, organised by Scotland’s Workshops, the network of production spaces across Scotland.

Through the use of photomontage the artist expresses his outrage at the climate crisis through images. Throughout Code Red, Kennard re-appropriates the photo of the Earth taken by the Apollo astronauts in 1972, which Kennard cuts and tears, combining it with images of industrial chimneys, oil refineries exploding, polluted dust, gas masks, parched earth and floods.

We’re living in a time of absolute emergency. We’re tottering through the rubble of the rampant free market. It’s a time in which images can open up a critical space that can jolt assumptions and break through denial. The poet Shelley wrote that ‘we must imagine what we know’. By picturing the result of extracting wealth out of the ground by every means possible I’m trying to picture what we know will happen if we don’t stop this plunder. – Peter Kennard

Peter Kennard has spent over fifty years creating uncompromising and hard-hitting protest art. He is Professor of Political Art at the Royal College of Art and he is the author of Images for End of Century: Photomontage Equations (Pluto, 1999), amongst others.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Street Level Photoworks and Peacock & Worm, Aberdeen, both are members of Scotland’s Workshops.

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Images installed at Trongate 103, Glasgow © Peter Kennard / Documented by Tiu Makkonen

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