Laura Meek - New Orleans

240x170mm/9.5x7.5in soft cover book featuring work by artist and photographer Laura Meek celebrating the relationship of colour, light and design of New Orleans architecture. 120 pages.

'My book, New Orleans is a photographic celebration of the architectural colours, light and design of architecture in the French Quarter, taken over the last two years on visits back home to Louisiana. As anyone who has visited will tell you, there is something magical about the city. Anne Rice’s mournful vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Truman Capote’s flamboyant writing soaked in sun-dappled Louisiana light, moody composer Trent Reznor, Mahalia Jackson, Kate Chopin, John Kennedy Toole, Louis Armstrong and Benjamin Button A few famous names (and a few fictional ones…) that have hailed from New Orleans and whose work and personalities simmer with southern drama, beauty and intellectual grit.'

This event is the book launch and beginning of the exhibition which runs at Custom Lane until 13th November. 

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© Laura Meek

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    Custom Lane

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    Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AL, UK

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    0131 510 7571

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