Join us to celebrate the publication of Alicia Bruce's highly-anticipated photobook I Burn But I Am Not Consumed, published by Daylight Books.

Working collaboratively with the coastal northeastern community members in Menie, Scottish photographer Alicia Bruce documented the events between the Scottish people who relentlessly fought Donald Trump as he pushed to build his golf course and housing development on their land in the coastal and once remote area of Menie, Scotland.

Bruce's pastoral colour photographs and portraits show the relationship between the land, sea, and people, and also reveal the destruction of such within the construction of Trump's golf course and houses alongside his wider impact on this small coastal Scottish community.

The book brings together photographs and an archive collated by Bruce and the residents of Menie, Scotland. Through the use of photographs, narratives, and images of ephemera, I Burn But I Am Not Consumed documents this sixteen-year battle between the residents of the Menie defending their land and homes from takeover by Donald Trump

''This book honors a Scottish coastal community who refused to bow down, sell up, or be pushed around by Donald Trump. It is a document of a remarkable people; they stood up to money, power, and bullying to save their once-protected land and homes from compulsory purchase, a process by which a public authority has the power to take private land for projects deemed in the public interest.'' Alicia Bruce

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