From Ayrshire to Edinburgh, Argyll to the Orkney isles, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert meets a selection of artists who contribute to the cultural fabric of our nation and presents portraits of them in their personal studios and creative spaces.

From small back-bedroom workstations to large city center studios, we meet the artists at ease in the places they work, a rare glimpse into their creative workflows, and usually inaccessible and often private studio locations.

The exhibition takes the viewer inside Ken Currie's usually closed studio, to see Alison Watt in her Edinburgh new town studio, Callum Innes in his large and beautiful studio/gallery space, and these portraits hanging alongside those of Turner prize winners and nominees Martin Boyce, Nathan Coley and Christine Borland, and many more of their peer artists across the country.

Over 100 artists have so far been photographed in this ongoing series, and this exhibition presents the first showing of a selection of them.

The production of this exhibition is generously supported by Street Level Photoworks.

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L. Gary Fisher, Dundee, 2023: R. Alison Watt, Edinburgh, 2023. Photograph © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2023

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