Meet Mirror/Mirror exhibiting artist Spencer Dent in the Tolbooth Gallery to talk about their work, their creative process and inspiration.

Join Spencer for their in-gallery talks on Saturday 5th August at

1200noon or
1600 hrs.

Spencer Dent is a London born artist based in Glasgow. Their work currently focuses on the ideas of ‘Genderlessness’ and ambiguous shape and form. These themes are explored through various mediums such as photographic self portraiture, weaving, painting and printmaking.

Dent’s work relating to ‘Genderlessness’ distorts and conceals the figure and face in an attempt to obscure the subjects gender from the viewer. Their work investigates a viewers preconceived notions of gender identity and gender expressions, exploiting and playing with these to understand further how a subjects gender is perceived. Dent’s work relating to ambiguous shape and form is a broader avenue of practice. This work spans a variety of subjects, hoping to create work that is essentially confusing to the viewer. The work aims to be unrecognisable while still feeling based in reality.

Spencer says of their talk

"This event will be a short artist talk about the work I am exhibiting as part of the Mirror/Mirror collaboration with Street Level Photoworks at the Stirling Photography Festival.

I will talk about the process behind the creation of the work as well as my thought process behind the concept."

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  • Venue

    The Tolbooth

  • Address

    Jail Wynd, Stirling, UK

  • Price

    Free / Eventbrite

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