Street Level Photoworks are pleased to present An Ordinary Eden, a new solo exhibition by Margaret Mitchell, which explores the importance of housing, home and belonging.

An Ordinary Eden is a story of experiences that remain hidden to most. A story of displacement, of instability, of a failure in society to adequately support our fellow humans. To be without a permanent home is both a tangible and an emotional experience, where the necessity for safety and security accompanies a need to belong. In An Ordinary Eden, individuals in Scotland offer an insight into the practical and psychosocial impact of past or current homelessness and their search for home and connection.

This long-term project highlights aspects of people’s experiences and amplifies the issues faced. Reflecting not only on the individual’s personal story but also on the wider questions about our society and who we want to be. A society that cares for others in a timely manner or one that ignores, disregards, doesn’t try hard enough. Within this work are lives full of determination and dignity but also those damaged by isolation and needless years lost.

For this is not a search for utopia, an unreachable fantasy. It is the simple wish for a regular life. A pursuit for each individual’s Ordinary Eden.

For this project, Margaret worked with individuals and organisations across Scotland including Shelter Scotland, and received support from Creative Scotland for the development of the work. The exhibition has been produced by Street Level Photoworks.

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© Margaret Mitchell

Opening Event

Saturday 6th May from 2 - 4pm

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