A Love  Letter to Glasgow - A Hard Beauty

“A Love Letter to Glasgow” breathes life into Glasgow’s very essence. This homage is rendered in monochromatic and coloured strokes, exposing the spirited pulse that thrives within the cities veins.

My intimate affection for Glasgow is demonstrated by unveiling a deep sense of community amongst its vivid characters.

Street photography, the lifeblood of the exhibition, illuminates the ordinary and the extraordinary alike. The anonymous faces of passerby’s intertwine with the familiar visages of local legends, each expressing the collective spirit that reverberates within the city.

Glasgow’s citizens become ethereal beings, their stories resonating from their arresting gazes and their weathered expressions. From the working man to the esteemed artist, each portrait probes the soul of its subject.

“A Love Letter to Glasgow” is a tribute to a city that embraces and inspires all who are fortunate enough to call it home.


“A city is not adorned by external things, but by the virtue of those who dwell in it.”



Iain Clark

Iain Clark is a practicing photographic artist whose work is in the permanent collection of The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and in numerous private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and India.

Iain Clark is recognised for his unique portraits. It is his passion for people that has led to his ascent as an in-demand portrait artist. Iain’s technique has been described by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery as “sitting somewhere between photography and painting”. The camera and the photograph are only the beginning of the creative process and the subsequent manipulation of the image creates a finished portrait which is intended to capture the essential person.

“I am fascinated by the human condition and the huge variety of faces that I see every day. I believe that each and every one of us is unique and special. When I work on a portrait I strive to bring out something of the sitter’s soul.”

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Opening Event

Saturday 5th August 2-5pm

  • Venue

    Doubtfire Contemporary Art

  • Address

    28 North West Circus Place Edinburgh EH3 6TP

  • Phone Number

    07902 307147