*Women Only*

A photographic exploration of femininity, fertility and ageing. The series of photographs of women and nature were taken at twilight, over a 12 month period by photographer Jannica Honey.

"In 2016 I felt compelled to reaffirm my own ‘feminine voice’ in the face of all the personal challenges and male-dominated political events. By basing my shooting schedule on moon cycles – an intrinsic feminine rhythm – I managed to channel the earth’s natural rhythms into the work, and explored my own reconnection to womanhood and femininity."

Jannica will show her work and discuss her experiences of gender imbalance on social media. She will touch on the separation between male and female bodies. How the "real" body is slowly disappearing from our visual diet and how older and bigger bodies are repeatedly removed from Facebook and Instagram. We will reflect on who the female body is for and who controls what's deemed acceptable and what is not.

As part of the Audacious Women Festival 2020
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Image © Jannica Honey

  • Venue

    City Arts Centre

  • Address

    2 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DE, UK

  • Price

    £6 / £10

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