The Breadboy of Herculaneum is a visual anthropology and a mixed practice project about the cultures of the global planetary crisis. It addresses histories, the contemporary, and the future with an interdisciplinary approach that includes workshops, climate conversations, talks, and, collaborations.

The work is realised in conversation and collaborations with people and organisations in rural communities in Italy and Sweden but also during journeys and activism in other places. In Dunoon the exhibition will be accompanied by talks about food security, the climate action group Mothers Rebellion, community ownership of renewable energy and land, workers' cooperative role in the circular economy, and other ways of keeping wealth from being siphoned out of the commons into the casino economy of the stockmarket and drop-in climate conversations.

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Taxonomy XIV 2023

Opening Event

1-3 pm the 20th of January

  • Venue

    Dunoon Burgh Hall

  • Address

    3 Argyll St, Dunoon PA23 7HH, UK

  • Phone Number

    01369 701776

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