Sensory Souvenirs

A memory lane through France and Scotland

Audrey Bizouerne’s second show evokes memories of her childhood in the French countryside and her time spent working as a musician in Glasgow, using photographs to recreate the sensory imprints that her experiences have left behind.

The images on the first wall articulate the idea of 'Madeleines de Proust' - impressions of sound, smell, taste, colour and texture that recall latent emotional memories. Lost feelings from childhood and early adulthood return in new forms: barley scratching against skin in the summer heat, the taste of wine drunk late at night, dreams of driving a Vespa bike through the city or spending long days on the beach. During her last summer trip to France this year she used expired colour film to recall these memories, appropriating their faded feel to capture a woozy sense of nostalgia.

The second wall shows a panel of photographs taken for musicians in and around Glasgow since late 2015. After moving to Scotland, Audrey's work as a musician and a photographer increasingly began to overlap, and she took every opportunity to create photo-portraits of the people she met through collaborations and gigs. The images work together to characterise the Glasgow music scene, offering a time capsule of this seven-year period in the life of the city.

Audrey Bizouerne is a Glasgow-based artist working in photography and music. She started her regular photographic practice during the pandemic after twenty years of working in the creative industries as a musician. She is now studying for a degree in photography at City of Glasgow College. 

Opening Event

17th November

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    12 King St, Glasgow G1 5RB, UK

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