Sam Oh Sarah is a collaborative exhibition by Scottish artists Izzy Leach and Sam Wood, exploring themes of craft, love and ritual. Scarecrows are objects that have historically tiptoed on the edge of consciousness, they are intangible as sentient beings and yet they also represent Everyman.

The SAM portion of the project follows the lustful beginnings of a courtship between person and love object. Leach's photographs feature the designer Wood, in their clothes. The short film SARAH, starring Tamara MacArthur, portrays the breakdown of the relationship and the start of the healing process.

Throughout the project, the artists have used up-cycled and found materials whenever possible. The decision to draw from what surrounds them, feeds into the ethos of both their respective practices and the cyclical themes within the work.

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© Izzy Leach

Opening Event

30th September 6-9pm

  • Venue

    New Glasgow Society (East)

  • Address

    279-281 High St, Glasgow G4 0QS, UK

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