Join us at our second instalment of Film Und Foto Klub as we screen (some) films by Robert Frank:

Conversations in Vermont (1969, b/w, 26 min.)

Conversations in Vermont is about Robert Frank’s relationship with his children Pablo and Andrea. Photographed by Ralph Gibson, it is his first overtly autobiographical film. He follows his children to school in Vermont and interviews them about their feelings, their upbringing and what it was like to grow up in a bohemian world with artists as parents. In searching for answers about his children’s lives, Frank is questioning his own world.


Life Dances On (1980, b/w and color, 30 min.)

Life Dances On is Robert Frank’s most personal and emotional work because it deals directly with his family and close friends. The film is dedicated to his daughter Andrea and to his friend and collaborator Danny Seymour, both deceased. Life Dances On is composed of delicately balanced, intuitive moments that merge Frank’s own sense of loss for two people close to him with several filmed portraits of those who share his life, including his family and people on the street in New York City.


True Story (2004/2008, color and b&w, 26 min.)

Speaking in voiceover, the artist narrates scenes shot in his homes in New York and Nova Scotia. His rambling commentary returns to familiar themes of memory, and the loss of friends and family members. Brief excerpts from earlier films are shown, along with Frank’s photographs, the art of his wife, June Leaf, and extraordinarily detailed letters written by his son, Pablo (1951–1994). Alternately poignant, reflective, self-mocking and angry, this candid autobiography reveals Frank’s late career preoccupations.



Screening: 16th April 2023, 3pm - 6pm.

This is a ticketed event and you must book in order to guarantee attendance. Tickets work on a sliding scale, and all proceeds help AGITATE continue to operate. Your donations ensure the survival of spaces like this, and allow us to keep the lowest priced tickets really affordable or free for those who aren't currently able to pay.

Accessibility: Unfortunately we inhabit a very old tenement building and our screening room is down a steep set of metal stairs. This event is therefore not wheelchair accessible.

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