Poultice is an exhibition of new silver gelatine print photographs by Glasgow based artist Alice Brooke.

A poultice is a warm paste made of herbs, plants and other materials that is spread on a cloth and applied to skin or wounds to draw out infection, relieve inflammation and promote healing.

For this exhibition, the artist's Huawei P10 Plus smartphone is imagined as the poultice, becoming the medium and the mechanism through which to make the photographs. The smartphone is placed in the darkroom enlarger where the phone screen becomes the light source and the negative, replacing the analogue negative and enlarger bulb, a technique that allows the artist to draw out the contents of the smartphones image library for development in the darkroom.

Accessible opening Sunday 27th March 3-6pm - this opening is available for families, and people who would prefer a quieter event.

Exhibition open Tue-Sat / 11am - 6pm, closed Mon/Sun.

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© Alice Brooke

Opening Event

Exhibition opening Friday 25th March 6-9pm

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    CCA Glasgow

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    350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, UK

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    0141 352 4900

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