PHOTOLOGY an introduction to photo theory - Photographs and the Photographic What is the essence of the photographic?

Stills Research Associate & Tutor David Grinly will present the second of two lectures on thinking photographically.

The second in this series of lectures will ask - Why isn’t my photograph worth 6 million dollars?! What is the difference between a photographic advert which we would throw away and a print on the gallery wall which is worth many millions of pounds? Where do form, fetish and farce intersect in our relationship with the printed photograph?

Continuing from the advent of negative-process photographs and developing ideas of our digital present, this lecture will also ask

Is there an essence of photography which we could call “photographic”?
What happens when we can infinitely reproduce an image?
What type of attention can we learn about by making and seeing photographically?
Bringing together David’s research in photography, philosophy, theology and psychoanalysis these lectures will raise questions to facilitate discussion, participation and reflection.

COVID secure practices of social distancing and mask wearing will apply at all Live events

Stirling Photography Festival is delighted to be partnering with Stills for Flow 2021 with a programme of workshops, dialogues and lectures hosted by Made in Stirling throughout September.

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