Join us for the opening of PERILOUS, a new exhibition of work by Sean Patrick Campbell and Morwenna Kearsley.

Morwenna Kearsley's FORECAST is a series of photographs that starts with a wishbone. Drawing on its use in folklore to predict the coming winter, the images tentatively connect the rituals of prophecy and uncertain futures with her personal practice of photography, which relies on instruction and luck; knowledge and revelation.
Focusing on motifs connected to body, home and weather, this series draws on tangled anxieties lying just below the surface, like veins under the skin.

Sean Patrick Campbell presents CHAPEL PERILOUS, a body of work started during his residency at @hospitalfield in 2021 and developed over the last year. In literature ranging from Arthurian legend to the dreamscapes of David Lynch, the chapel is a space - conceptual, psychic or physical - where the participant enters, experiences an encounter that causes a rupture in the idea of self and real, and then leaves the other side, having changed. Here the Chapel is (an) analogue (for) photography itself: hand-printed silver gelatin darkroom prints of varying sizes, taking aspects of traditional landscape photography, self-portraiture and performative gestures, build a propositional grammar of images; a universe of high weirdness, partly hidden by the haunted medium of photography.
Supported by the Coward Foundation

Image Caption

Morwenna Kearsley, 'wishbone III'

Opening Event

3rd December, 4-6pm

  • Venue

    Glasgow Project Room

  • Address

    103 Trongate, Glasgow, UK