Curated by Dundee-based visual artist and curator Saoirse Amira Anis, Mis(sing) Information features work by Tayo Adekunle, Nkem Okwechime, Tako Taal and Natasha Ruwona.

Mis(sing) Information is a long-overdue showcase of the work of Black artists at Perth Museum and Art Gallery, allowing these artists to document and present their own history. This exhibition will draw attention to the white-washed version of history traditionally taught in Scotland, encouraging visitors to reassess the stories they have been taught in the past.

This collection of artworks will offer an alternative picture of colonial relations to the one often projected by British museums by referencing the Western appropriation of African bodies, cultures and artefacts.

Museum collections are home to many objects that have a contested and, in many instances, brutal past. The stories told by these objects often veer towards a version of history that is dominated by Eurocentric accounts. Mis(sing) Information at Perth Museum and Art Gallery will contribute to the conversation that museums are not neutral spaces, and spotlight voices that are often excluded from their own narrative.

Admission is free.

10am – 5pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.

10am – 4pm every Sunday.

Perth Museum and Art Gallery is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

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Yemoja © Tayo Adekunle (2020)

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