Taylor Cowe, Kieran Dunning, Levente Hegedus, Etienne Pell, Dylan Pierce

Our contemporary human landscape
exists as both a physical and cultural
space, shaped by our influence on it,
and its influence upon us. It is a complex, ever-changing web of  interactions and intersections.

Intersecting Terrain brings together five bodies of work that attempt to investigate and understand these interactions. From objects that exemplify cultural differences
in Levente Hegedus’ Cars & Culture; the changing use of a particular system in Kieran Dunning’s Scows; Dylan Pierce’s remnants of formerly vital infrastructure in A City on a Hill; contemporary structures of industry in Taylor Cowe’s Blue Toon; and the presence of invasive advertisements
within the urban environment in Etienne Pell’s For Sale.

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5th April, 6-9pm

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    76 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9HQ, UK

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