Filtr Collective is a new way of showcasing photography; forget the quiet of traditional gallery spaces, Filtr works with independent cafes across Edinburgh as evolving exhibition venues to platform emerging artists. A changing trail across the city, Filtr engages new audiences, transforms art ownership and inspires fresh ideas.

The second Filtr exhibition is a selection of work from new project by Dave Ferrie 'I miss ya too pal'. Dave Ferrie on the project:

'This body of work is a record of my time spent in Edinburgh, Scotland during the UK covid-19 'lockdown' from 23 March 2020 until 9th August 2021. I spent much of that time living alone, four thousand miles away from my partner. I was unable to visit my father as he died in hospital. I began to take walks in an attempt to elude the inescapable global pandemic, as well as my own personal struggles. In the early days of lockdown my walks were short, and almost always at night. As it dragged on I started to venture out in the daytime, further and further afield, as I settled into the new reality. I took photographs to record moments of beauty and brightness that I encountered, at a time when it seemed there wasn't much of either going around. Photography without thinking too much, not being overly concerned with what the pictures meant or their message, just accepting them at face value, as something pleasurable to look at. During normal times it feels like this isn't enough, that one must demand more from photographs, but these were not normal times and I felt it was justifiable to create images with this simple goal in mind.'

The exhibition can be found across our five participating cafes in Edinburgh:

Cairngorm Melville Place; Fortitude Stockbridge; Williams and Johnson Custom Lane; Room And Rumours Market Street; Abbey’s Montrose Terrace

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Images by Dave Ferrie, printed by Filtr Collective, from 'I miss ya too pal pal'

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    Across five participating cafes in Edinburgh

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    Abbey Mount, Edinburgh EH8 8EJ, UK

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