The Hen Collective is a woman-led art collective providing free gallery space for emerging and low-income woman and non-binary artists. We recognise the overwhelming white, cis, male bias in national and private galleries across the country (and globe!) and we want to change that.

Frankie Keating-Gardner works primarily in photography, her gorgeous, colourful, and tender works capture her family holidays to West Cork. They unearth questions of belonging by exploring our relationships to the places and communities which surround us.

The opening events starts at 7pm at August 21, with a complimentary drink, live q+a, and merch stand! There is a small step to enter the venue to be aware of however help will be provided with this step for wheelchair access.

We are a not-for-profit collective, but ask for a small donation if you have the means. All money raised will go towards future exhibitions!

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© Frankie Keating-Gardner

Opening Event

27th October, 7pm

  • Venue

    August 21

  • Address

    2F1 Causeway, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1QG, UK

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