EXPOSURE is a collaboration between musician, sound artist and photographer Giles Perring and filmmaker and painter Andy Metcalf, carried out, principally, on the Isle of Jura.

This work explores the brute nature of landscape, the vulnerability of human expression and the critical importance of sociality in shaping our creations. Born on the wild and beautiful Isle of Jura through a creative dialogue between Giles and Andy, Exposure harnesses video, painting, 35mm and medium format photography, text, sound installation and performance in order to depict the many facets of the uneasy experience of a human relationship with a harsh island environment – be that emotional, existential, ecological, or elemental.

This work brings together two perspectives - the familiar with the ‘outside eye’. The Isle of Jura, for Metcalf, is far-flung, whereas for Perring it is the centre of his world, his normality, his everyday. The dialogue sparked by these two creative responses begs questions around what defines our sense of ‘remote’.

This exhibit features the sounds of the newly launched, World Organ - an outside sound sculpture created by Giles Perring, located on the Isle of Jura. It is built to listen to, respond to and shape the sound of the landscape that surrounds it. The result is a generative piece of music and which Giles has streamed live, 24/7, since he launched this project in August 2020.

Produced by Helm Arts, this exciting work toured across Scotland, to Dunoon, Isle of Lewis and Edinburgh in the Summer of 2021 and is now brought to South Block in September 2022. View the work and find out more here.

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    South Block

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