Artists of Scotland
by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Artists of Scotland is the latest photographic portfolio from Glasgow-based documentary photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, in which he has visited and photographed over 125 artists in their studios in Scotland, since November 2022.

These images are but a selection from the portfolio, and through which we meet household name artists such as Jim Lambie, Douglas Gordon, and Alison Watt. Turner prize winners and nominees Christine Borland, Nathan Coley, Martin Boyce are shown, along with others beginning to establish their careers, Sekai Machache, Saoirse Amira Anis, and many, many more.

From Glasgow to Aberdeen, Perth to Orkney, we see inside the private studios and get glimpses into mindset of the artists who contribute to the cultural fabric of our nation. From purpose built studios, through spaces large and small, and into home studios and garages, we see the creative spaces from which the artists of our day produce their works that hang in galleries nationally and internationally, and that contribute to the cultural fabric of our nation.


“In October 2022 I set myself the aim, or challenge, of photographing 100 portraits of the artists working in Scotland. My aim was to build a portfolio of those working in the arts, and to create a portrait which would stand the test of time - a portfolio that someone could view 50yrs or 100yrs from now, and see a documentation of our times and those creating the arts of our times.

What I never imagined was that in doing this project I’d have over 100 great conversations, see great studios, makes new friends, and importantly learn more about the arts in Scotland and the incredible diversity of practice being undertaken. It’s been an inspiring journey, and I an indebted to and would like to thank all artists who opened their studio doors to let me in.” - Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

All artists who have so far contributed to this portfolio are:
Artists of Scotland, 2022-2024

Ade Adesina • Sam Ainsley • Laura Aldridge • Saorise Amira Anis • Claire Barclay • Louise Barrington • John Beagles & Graham Ramsay • Rosemary Beaton • Reinhard Behrens • Christine Borland • Martin Boyce • Philip Braham • James Connor Brown • David Iain Brown • Roddy Buchanan • Robbie Bushe • Mark Campbell • Joyce Cairns • June Carey • Nathan Coley • Frank Convery • Rowena Comrie • Anne-Marie Copestake • Andrew Cranston • Victoria Crowe • Ken Currie • Christian Noelle Charles • Jacqueline Donachie • Raydale Dower • Kate Downie • Laura Drever • Rachel Duckhouse • Jack Dunnett • Graham Fagen • Joe Fan • John Ferry • Gareth Fisher • Helen Flockhart • Ronnie Forbes • Paul Furneaux • Douglas Gordon • Caroline Gormley • Alexander Guy • Ilana Halperin • Lys Hansen • David Harding • Ellie Harrison • Moray Hillary • Louise Hopkins • Lynn Howarth • Peter Howson • Kenny Hunter • Margaret Hunter • Callum Innes • Elspeth Lamb • Jim Lambie • Simon Laurie • Rosalind Lawless • Vanessa Lawrence • Marina Leven • Le Liu • Gordy Livingstone • Tessa Lynch • Neil Macdonald • Rowen Mace • David Mach • Sekai Machache • John Mackechnie • Rachel Maclean • Will Maclean • Pinkie Maclure • Jenny Mason • James McDonald • Shauna McMullan • Alice McMurrough • Sandra Moffat • Sandy Moffat • Yasmin Moore-Milne • Stuart Murphy • Scott Myles • Heather Nevay • Glen Onwin • Hardeep Pandhal • Jacki Parry • Toby Paterson • Claire Paterson • David Paton • Jim Pattison • Craig Peacock • Mick Peter • Ciara Phillips • Susan Philipsz • Anne-Marie Pinkerton • Mary Redmond • Pen Reid • Gareth Reid • Lorna Robertson • Kate V. Robertson • Rowan Rosie • Amanda Seibæk • Anthony Schrag • Beth Shapeero • Graeme Sharp • Julie-Ann Simpson • Ross Sinclair • Bronwen Sleigh • Stephanie Smith & Eddie Stewart • Margaret L. Smyth • Karl Stern • Karen Strang • Eddie Summerton • Norman Sutton-Hibbert • Corin Sworn • Iman Tajik • Fraser Taylor • Johnny Taylor • James Tweedie • Javier Ventura • Richard Walker • Alasdair Wallace • Ally Wallace • Allan Watson • Alison Watt • Graeme Wilcox • Helen Wilson • Adrian Wiszniewski • Gregor Wright

Image Caption

Laura Drever, in her studio in Kirkwall, Orkney, 2023 © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert. Douglas Gordon, in his Berlin studio, 2023 © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert.

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