Sylwia Kowalczyk: Lethe

Edinburgh-based Sylwia Kowalczyk is exhibiting her series ‘Lethe’ at Galleria X in Bratislava, 02-14 November, as part of the European Month of Photography.  The series was previously shown at Street Level Photoworks as part of Ambit: New Photographies from Scotland.

More Information: European Month of Photography

Sylwia Kowalczyk‘s Lethe reflects on the river of the same name that cleanses Dante in Purgatory, the one that wipes memories of the dead as they drink from it or bathe in it. The poet Sylvia Plath describes stepping up from ‘the black car of Lethe, Pure as a baby’. It is an escape, a relief from our own physical limitations. ‘The soul that has been rash enough to drink from the fount of Lethe… is reincarnated and again cast into the cycle of becoming’, according to Mircea Eliade.

As important recollections slip from our memory, this loss brings its own kind of grief. The past becomes a vast, blank territory where even the most important memories from childhood are erased – if we do not remember them, perhaps these might as well not have happened in the first place.