Stills and Verzasco Foto Residency 2024

Stills is delighted to be joining-up with Verzasca Foto, Switzerland to invite applications from Scotland-based photographers for the Stills & Verzasca Foto Residency 2024 supported by the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust.

Deadline for applications: FRIDAY 19 JANUARY 2024 at 9am

The successful applicant will spend 3 weeks in the Verzasca Valley, Switzerland in June 2024 for the research and development of their practice. They will return for the main events of the Verzasca Foto Festival in August/September 2024 and have the opportunity to share their work with public audiences and international visitors to the festival. On completion of their residency, they will present an illustrated talk on their work at Stills in Edinburgh.

Verzasca Foto was established in 2013 and is an annual festival and year-round residency programme in the Verzasca Valley, Switzerland.

The international residency programme hosts photographers from around the world and was set up to promote emerging international photographers and to support visual arts in rural and peripheral areas, by providing free space through connection and dialogues with nature, offering access to different forms of expression and ways of visual storytelling.

Visit the Stills website for more info