Sensation Photography: Between or Border

Edinburgh-based Alan Eglinton is showing work in ‘Sensation Photography: Between or Border’ this September as part of Photoville in New York.

The exhibition is divided into two part, all photographers in 1st section, talk about ‘outsiders’ or ‘strangers’ and show how their interpretation varies depending on where they are located. In 2nd section will be showed urbanity especially Seoul. All photographers are different nationality-but they just focused on city of ‘Seoul’. We invite our viewers to join us as we explore this line of thought.

Koreans who live in other countries range from first-generation immigrants who left their homeland a long time ago to third- or fourth-generation Koreans who may have seen Korea only on a map. A large portion of these individuals doesn’t speak Korean and often aren’t interested in the Korean culture. Still, we habitually refer to them as “Koreans.” This mentality is not unique to Korea.

More Information: Photoville

Image: © Alan Eglinton