NIDA International Photography Symposium 2018

As part of NIDA International Photography Symposium 2018 (4th-9th September) in Nida, Lithuania, Street Level Photoworks present a series of short audio-visual pieces which align with the theme of the day of (Self) Reflection on Thursday 6th September.  The works speculate on the human condition and the various ways that this connects us – in life, death, love, family and cultural history, the environment, and the sense of self in relation to place and nationality. The works explore some fundamental themes and emotional journeys with a distinct photographic sensibility.

View the full programme of the Symposium here

The works were premiered in May in the event La Nuit de l’Instant in Marseille, a collaboration between Le Centre Photographique Marseille and Street Level Photoworks on the theme of ‘Love Letters’ which took place in the context of MP2018/The Spring of Contemporary Art.

Selected artists include: Frank McElhinney, Alan Knox, Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, James Pfaff, Valentine Vermeil.

Banner Image: © Frank McElhinney