OPEN CALL: Family is what you make it

Macrobert Arts Centre is inviting submissions to a photo competition on the theme of ‘Family is what you make it’.  The competition theme is linked to our chosen ‘Conversation’ for this autumn, which is an exploration of family (linked to the National Theatre of Scotland performance of Jackie Kay’s Red Dust Road, and Kim Simpson’s exhibition Girls and their Mothers). In particular, it’s a celebration of all the different kinds of families, and the whole mix of people who make us who we are.

If you’d like to be part of our Conversation Exhibition then send us a ‘family’ photo (to that means a lot to you and a short description of who’s in the picture and why it is important. We know that ‘family’ means different things to different people too, so feel free to send in photos of your work family, your university family, your family of friends or any other people that have or play an important role in your life.

The deadline for photo submissions is Mon 12 Aug