Call for Proposals: PhotoIreland Festival 2021

PhotoIreland Festival invites national and international artists and practitioners, including writers, researchers, curators, emerging and established, to propose works to be part of PhotoIreland Festival 2021, joining invited practitioners. The 12th edition will take place in Dublin in July 2021, with exhibitions and events running throughout the month.

Submissions and proposals are invited on the general topic of Food and the Politics of FoodThe points of investigation may include, but are not limited to:

  • Food and its industries: research, production, distribution, advertising, and consumption
  • The environmental impact of food
  • Food histories and traditions
  • Colonisation and decolonisation of food (plants, animals, produce, diets, taxonomies, etc.)

We welcome proposals for:

  • Lens-based artistic work and curatorial projects
  • Events, including proposals for critically engaged food presentations
  • Workshops, talks, and participative events
  • Scientific research and relevant texts

The deadline for submissions is GMT midnight Monday 1st March 2021.
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