Adam Geary: About Time

‘Faced with ageing and change we gradually withdraw from the world.’

About Time  is the latest photobook by the UK photographer, Adam Geary. You can take a virtual flick through the book at

As we grow older and watch those around us pass before our eyes we start to look back and reflect on lives lived. In a society obsessed with the now and the new, it is perhaps time for more reflection and consideration. About Time asks us to step back and reflect on our lives and simply look and connect with the everyday stuff that surrounds us. ‘It is time’, Geary says, to ‘look afresh at this life passing, where every day is made up of fleeting glances, to be kept close at hand for a journey that might get rough.’

Adam Geary is based in Scotland. He has published over 16 books and work is collected widely. About Time can be purchased through and comes with an A5 print of cover image. Cost £10.