Visit Online | Shutter Hub: Yearbook 2021

YEARBOOK is a group show by Shutter Hub, promoting the skill and talent of photographers working now.
After the success of YEARBOOK 2020, which began in response to events and exhibitions coming to a halt due to the pandemic, the group show returns for a second year and includes over 200 photographers.

Exhibiting as part of this online show are many photographers based in Scotland or have previously made work here.

Artists include; Andrea Bevon, Scott Dickson, Leila Donald, Ashley Erdman, Amy Iona, Marysia Lachowicz, Celine Lundqvist, Colin McAlpine,
Geraldine McClure, Yvonne McGowan, John Perivolaris, Kathryn Polley,  Becky Probert, Fional Steel, Cat Thorogood, Jake Williams & Doro Zinn.

Shutter Hub invite you to explore the gallery and the huge range of styles and subjects from photographers across the world.

Image: ‘The Music of What Happens’ © Geraldine McClure