Tidespace is absolutely delighted to welcome you to take part in the first Tidespace ‘RURAL PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION
This competition is for 14-25 year olds Iiving (or previously living) in Dumfries & Galloway.
This is an opportunity to think like a photographer, and using a camera phone, get what you’ve got to say about ‘HOME’, seen!
Entry is Free and 
YOUR photograph could be selected 
to be exhibited + win £100!

The two Categories are:
PEOPLE: If you had to leave your home and Dumfries and Galloway forever, who would you picture in your mind as playing a big part in your own life, in the area you live in, friend, family, a local person?
PLACES: Explain the feeling of an environment, outside or indoors, in an image How You See home, village, Dumfries and Galloway or particularly important place to you, to some-one who can’t get there and has never seen it.
– Winners will be exhibited as online exhibition at Tidespace (announced 25th January)
– Commended photographs will (announced on 23rd February at the ceremony) and displayed as projected exhibition at Tidespace
– £100 is awarded to the Highly Commended image (announced on 23rd February at the Awards Ceremony)
– Coulson + Tennant 
– Leeming + Paterson 
Deadline for Competition
– 5th February 6pm
All further details are on 
Please contact tidespace via info@tidespace.uk if you have any further queries or would like Tidespace to come and talk to your youth-group, place of education or workplace about this competition.