Street Level Photoworks – Photo Challenge #2

from the series ‘The Guisers’ (2015 - 2019) © Margaret Mitchell

GUISER, n. “in modern times one of a party of children who go in disguise from door to door
at various festivals, esp. Halloween” – from a Dictionary of the Scots Language.

This fantastic series of 100 images by Margaret Mitchell were made between 2015-2019 of
children who came to her home as Guisers. The photographs capture the creativity in the
children’s home-made costume choices and designs whilst also offering a glimpse into the inner
world of the child.
“The Guisers allow us briefly back into a child’s mind as they roam the streets on Halloween,
dressed as someone else, being someone else.” – Margaret Mitchell
In a time when we have all endured many months of lockdown, we thought this work offered a fun
opportunity to dress up and a spring board to consider – who would you like to be right now? Or
what costume can you come up with to reflect your lock down self (real or imagined)?
We will be sharing a selection of submissions on our social media channels – you can tag us on
instagram @streetlevelphotoworks or email
No age restrictions apply! Whether you are alone and constructing a self-portrait Guiser or with
children, partners or friends we look forward to seeing your lock down Guiser images!

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