Slow Gaze by Adam Geary

New photobook by Adam Geary;

Adam Geary | Slow Gaze

The Slow Gaze photobook takes a look beneath the cracks of our
increasingly fractured lives. Lives in which the ‘home’; itself a
shelter to our consciousness, has become a fragile place threatened on
all sides.  The photographs in the book reveal themselves quietly in a
low voice — small traces of everyday life that remind us of our desire
to survive.
Slow Gaze ends as it begins with the truism, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.
Adam Geary is a photographer based in Scotland. He has published over
17 books and work is collected widely. Slow Gaze can be purchased
direct through and costs £10 inclusive of free
postage in UK and Europe. ISBN 9780885651760
Contact for review copies and/or access to
photographs to accompany articles.

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